Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Improving sheep feedlot management

Improving sheep feedlot management


Rajesh said...

i have a small peice of land i.e. 4 acres with good water facilities. i want to start a sheep farm. how many sheep can i rear in traditional method? and in intensive method i.e.stall feeding method?
i want to learn silage making process in your farm. i have seen the photographs of your lamb fattening farm in your website.
kindly respond to this comment. i am planning to start a sheep farm and i need your guidance.

Usman said...

We are planning for a sheep and goat farm in between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu so that we can supply both states. Please advise us on this project and how to go about. Last week we visited couple of farms in Karnataka but we are confused with the pricing. Austrialian breeds cost are so high and we don't were to sell thsee breeds.

Suporna Roy said...

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